Walker Pre-K Re-Entry Plan

Students and families,

The Magnolia School Board has approved continuing the mask requirement indoors for the remainder of the year.

Very little has changed regarding MSD Health & Safety Guidelines.

The revised wording covering Masks and Quarantine can be found in the following document.


We appreciate the patience you have shown while waiting on our plan for returning to school. Our teachers, administrators, and numerous other stakeholders have worked countless hours to develop a plan for a safe environment for our students and staff. Their work and dedication to Magnolia Public Schools is sincerely appreciated. The documents are located on our district website, www.magnoliaschools.net, under the tab “Re-Entry Plan”. At the top of each school’s page, there will be a tab where more specific plans for that campus can be found. Please understand this document could change from day to day as we continue to receive guidance from DESE and ADH. Our initial plan is to begin school on a regular schedule, but that could change throughout the year as needed. We have developed plans for complete on-site instruction, a modified schedule, and remote learning. In addition, we realize that some parents may choose for their child to receive a complete virtual option for instructional delivery. That option is available, and the document for enrollment is located under the “Re-Entry” tab on the district website. We realize that this plan is not perfect; there is nothing perfect about this pandemic. We all want to return to normal. In order to effectively limit the spread of any communicable disease, we need your help in screening your child before sending him/her to school. We realize this is an inconvenience for many parents, but it is impractical and ineffective to screen students after they are at school or already on the bus. We will be providing an easily accessible screening document on our district app and ask that you screen your child daily before sending him/her to school. Most importantly, please do not send your child to school if they are sick. Again, we will continue to update this document. However, we hope this answers many of your questions about how we plan for a safe return to school for our students and staff.

John Ward


Magnolia School District